Home designs to reflect the traditions

Ethnic traditions, customs and attitudes preserve our family values. Appreciating family heritage and traditions also gives our children a strong sense of family bond. Our roots make us who we are, and respecting centuries-old traditions gives your home a special individuality.

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Regional architecture, commonly referred to as, designs structures that harmonize and blend into the environment. Aboriginal homes are designed to reflect the past with historical influences and complement their environment rather than dominate it. These houses recreate the traditional neighborhoods of the past with a strong sense of location.

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Ethnic Influence on American Architecture and Interior Design

Since Americans have always built homes that mimic their homeland, it’s no surprise that there are Italian and Mediterranean villas, mighty English farmhouses, and simple French farmhouses in the United States. Since the early days of our nation, Americans have embraced design details around the world, copying, adapting, and re-imagining their ethnic patterns and furniture.

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Style and emotions

A style is an ornate result of a combination of details reminiscent of a particular era, art direction, or region, such as the B. Victorian era, the Art Nouveau era, or the Midwestern prairie style. A mood or emotional vibe is a personal interpretation of a style to evoke emotion, whether it’s neat, elegant, tastefully formal, nicely casual, or romantically eclectic.

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Architectural styles: structure and furniture

It is better to leave the facilities of the era or style to museums or exhibitions. The eclectic rooms combine furniture from different eras, including a modern sofa, a silver maple Chippendale side table and a gilded Louis XVI mirror. Beautiful and strange, fine and casual mixed with frivolity and joy create a happy home.

Architectural style can refer to structure or type of furniture. Combining contemporary styles with today’s lifestyle is called the new traditionalism. Carefree style combinations create stylish and modest rooms. A few big pieces between simple furniture bring an informality to an otherwise adorable home.

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your personal style

If you have a strong interest in a particular architectural style, Include it in your overall design plan. Encourage respect for your family’s traditions by surrounding yourself with ethnic furniture and heritage. Each style can be adapted to your lifestyle, be it casual, elegant, traditional or casual.

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