An instant hedge is the perfect addition to any garden and is ideal for people who are creating a garden from scratch or redesigning their garden and want instant results. The great thing about these hedges is that they are already grown, which means they create an impact as soon as they are planted.

Instant hedges are an excellent addition to a garden for a variety of reasons. First, they offer a natural-looking privacy, which is especially beneficial for people living in a variety of patio houses. These hedges also act as a form of security and help reduce noise for nearby properties.

Although hedges are produced immediately, it is still completely natural and provides a great nest for birds, etc. Adding a hedge to your garden also adds value to your property, making this an excellent investment for the future as well as something that may be fully enjoyed today.

There are a wide variety of different types of instant hedges available to choose from. The height of the hedge and the type of shrub can be chosen so that it fits perfectly into the rest of the garden. Most hedges are typically planted at a height of two meters, although there are also higher hedges. Special multi-deck hedges can also be chosen, and these types of hedges create a stylish and striking effect that works particularly well in large ornate gardens.

Some of the most popular types of instant hedges include hawthorn, privet, holly, and laurel, which are available in online stores like Heijnen Haekplanter. People who want to add a splash of color to their garden should consider choosing beech hedges as they have a beautiful mix of green and purple leaves. There is also a good selection of lower growing hedges that make beautiful borders in front of the house.

The good thing about these hedges is that many can be controlled to stop growing at a maximum height of about four feet. This means that there is no need for pruning. Instant hedges are designed to last for generations and look good at any time of the year.

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