Tips to help you get started decorating your child’s room

If you’re not sure where to start or how best to change your child’s bedroom, you’re not alone. In many families, planning and decorating a nursery takes a lot of time, but often less thought and energy is spent decorating the same kindergarten as you get older.

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Here are some tips to help you get started decorating your child’s room. The best part is that your child can help you this time. So it can be a fun project together!

1. Choose a new color to paint your walls that your child will love. However, if you object to this, you can negotiate with a lighter version of this color or limit the color options to one wall only. (Or encourage them to put on great posters to reduce the impact of the mural!)

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2. Mood light! Children of all ages appreciate some kind of mood light. Choose a night light, a small weird bulb with a low-wattage bulb, or an interesting colored or black bulb. Other fun lighting effects for kids include disco lights, dog statues, flowers with light effects, and objects glowing in the dark.


3. Bedspreads. Get rid of baby blankets and change them to cover or overlay your favorite comics. If they’re teenagers, they might like sports, ruffles, or quilts that have a more adult flavor.

4. Personalize something on their desktop or walls with their names and / or photos. Images can be made into collages. Replace these baby and stork photo frames with weird photo frames for the upgrade. For example, try a heart, sports theme, or a safari look. Stones engraved with your child’s name or inspiring idea and individual acrostics are fun and unique decorating ideas that kids will love. Engraved headstones make durable gifts and memorabilia. Acrostic name prints use the letters of your child’s name to start self-esteem phrases that can inspire your child and highlight his or her special abilities and interests.


5. Create a comfort zone in the room where you can curl up and read. You can use large pillows, plush or inflatable chairs, whatever your child wants to sit and relax on. They should also have a few books at their fingertips. You can also place music devices in this area for them to enjoy. And if there is space, add an extra seat for you. Then you can read together, listen to music or just chat with each other. If you have a teenager, he or she will probably want another seat for you or your friends.


6. Arrange a wallpaper border with your child to decorate his or her room. This idea can be used in addition to or instead of painting a room. Adding or changing a wallpaper border can be a really quick and easy way to change the look of a Kids Room.

7. And … here’s an interesting idea that my daughter suggested to me when I asked her for suggestions for decorating the nursery … She said, “Tell them they have a particularly thick door to the room so you don’t hear the kids arguing!”

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